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Welcome to GalacticZone!
This thread is designed to keep you updated on what is currently going on with the server. It will tell you everything you need to know about the network itself, what we bring to the community, when release will be, and more! Make sure you read the entire thing because it may answer any question you may have. If not, please leave a comment with your question or PM one of our staff members.

  • What is GalacticZone?
GalacticZone is a custom network of Minecraft servers which revolves around it's main game, that being the custom space-themed factions. We started as just a team of server technicians and evolved into a network of Minecraft servers. Now, we have a great staff team, and some amazing developers that keep the server running strong.

  • Factions is overused, isn't it?
Ah, heres the catch. This isn't really factions. This is a customized version of factions. We bring new features into the game, such as purified water obtained by smelting a full water bottle. We have planets that you spawn on and can explore. We bring radiation, disease, and like stated earlier, thirst, to the table. All these things combined create an amazing, and enjoyable factions experience.
  • When is release?
There is no release date yet, but stay tuned for when it is announced! We are aiming for some time late August, though.

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